Quality Policy (AS9100)

Achieving Goals

Customer commitment drives all of our activities, from design through delivery and beyond in order to meet all customer, internal and regulatory requirements. Daily monitoring of safety, quality, delivery, employee recognition, and cost with active participation of all team members.



Improving Processes

Continually improving our business management system through focus on metrics, taking action to improve technology, products, processes and services to our customers.


Motivation to Be the Best

We are never less than 100% committed to deliver what we promise, through integrity, teamwork and passion.


Quality Capabilities

We have an extensive calibration program, with calibrated gauging that is used in production and inspection. Each Sekisui Aerospace facility has automated measuring equipment capable of assuring compliance to stringent customer requirements.


Sekisui Aerospace’s trained personnel have a quality-driven attitude and are dedicated to incoming inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection of all material and parts.


Sekisui Aerospace – Quatro Operations is certified to the following:

  • NADCAP AC7114/3 Rev F Accreditation for Ultrasonic
    Non-Destructive Testing

  • AC7114/3S Ref J – Nadcap Supplemental Audit Criteria for NonDestructive Testing Facility Ultrasonic Survey

  • AC7114 Rev I – Nadcap Audit Criteria for NonDestructive Testing (NDT) Suppliers Accreditation

  • AC7114S Rev K – Nadcap Supplemental Audit Criteria for NonDestructive Testing (NDT) Suppliers Accreditation Program

  • AC7114/3 Rev J – Nadcap Audit Criteria for NonDestructive Testing Facility Ultrasonic Survey

Nondestructive Inspection and Testing
  • X-Ray testing

  • Load testing

Flash Thermography

Software for Infrared Thermography Evaluation (SITE) allows Sekisui Aerospace to measure flaws and  anomalies in nonmetallic composite structures. It yields quantitative and qualitative information about shape, size, depth, and location of flaws, anomalies, and bonding in nonmetallic composite structures. It is fast, calibrated, objective and repeatable. Areas of interest can be "zoomed" in on for pixel by pixel analysis. Image subtraction can be used to detect minute changes in bond lines.


Each pixel = 0.030 in. (much higher resolutions possible)

Flash Thermography

Traditional IRT Image

IRT image processed with Quatro's SITE software 

Zoom of IRT image processed with Quatro's SITE software 

Zoom of IRT image processed with Quatro's SITE software 


PRECISE – Our proprietary thermographic evaluation technique can provide detailed characterization of flaw shape, size, depth, and location.


ROBUST – SITE software provides objective, repeatable, numerical measurements of surface and subsurface anomalies.


ACCURATE – The analysis technique incorporates data normalization to reduce error caused by operator and camera variability.


VERSATILE – Quatro can inspect composite materials, bare surface and with a variety of coatings (including metallized films), bonded composite assemblies, and flat or curved surfaces.


COST-EFFICIENT – Flash Thermography evaluation provides an  efficient,  cost-effective  NDT  method that can easily be incorporated into the composite fabrication and assembly process.

Quality Accreditations
NADCAP Approved

Sekisui Aerospace is certified to the most stringent compliances and held to the highest industry standards for advanced composite parts fabrication for aerospace companies.

Registered/ITAR Compliant

Sekisui Aerospace is registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and abides by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Boeing Approved D6-51991 Digital Product Definition (DPD) Supplier

Sekisui Aerospace adheres to the Boeing common process for controlling the transfer of digital product definition data.

Supplier Documents Terms and Conditions



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