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For over 30 years SEKISUI Aerospace has been designing, testing, and manufacturing composite products for the aerospace industry. With complete customer satisfaction as our focus and through the relentless efforts of our skilled employees, SEKISUI Aerospace has achieved and continues to maintain an unequaled level of performance. Our consistent delivery of high quality products demonstrates our intent, integrity and dedication to our customers and to our reputation as a manufacturer. We will continue to insert intelligent automation into our manufacturing facilities, that will continue to drive the future of flight well into the next century.

Daniele Cagnatel, President/CEO | AIM Aerospace

“SEKISUI Aerospace strives to provide an employee-friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals thrive as they achieve ever more demanding challenges. Our commitment to serving customers and to providing quality products at competitive prices is unwavering. We are committed to Excellence, managing our company with Integrity, Dignity & Respect, Trust, Engagement in all that we do, and Passion to get the job done to the best of our abilities.”


– Daniele Cagnatel, President/CEO


Market leader for innovative and cost-effective aerospace composite structures.


3S Principles  |  Service. Speed. Superiority.

Mission & Corp Values


The employees of SEKISUI Aerospace enjoy what we do and are dedicated to our seven corporate values. We promise to hold ourselves to these high standards and seek co-workers who are willing to join us in this task.

Excellence | AIM Aerospace


Be the best at what you do

Dignity and Respect | AIM Aerospace


Treat others as you want to be treated

Integrity | AIM Aerospace


Do what you say

Saftey First | AIM Aerospace


Don't walk by

Trust | AIM Aerospace


Lean on the team

Engagement | AIM Aerospace


With team members and customers

Passion | AIM Aerospace


Give your best


SEKISUI Aerospace is actively working to solve social issues such as climate change. In part, our efforts include innovations for lightweight composite materials and design optimization to reduce waste in our processes.

We share the vision of our parent company which incorporates the commitment to drive continuous innovation as a means of supporting the basis of LIFE and continuing to create peace of mind for the future in order to realize a sustainable society.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group was selected as one of the 2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for the sixth consecutive year.

2023 Global 100 Logo_Grey.png

Environmental Certifications



5 Locations


SEKISUI Aerospace offers 3 Centers of Excellence that drive delivery and quality performance for our customers while meeting the high rate production demands of your product line. We are spearheading the way to intelligent automation insertion, rapid prototype to manufacturing processing and design optimization. Call us and experience the SEKISUI Aerospace Way, where innovation and low cost meet.

Renton Operations
Renton Operations Building
Renton Operations Logo

Renton Operations, WA



  • Employees – 200+

  • Sq. Ft. – 122,000



  • Interior Structures

  • Crushed Core Seat Shells

  • Cargo Liners

  • Design-to-Build

  • Flammability Lab



  • Multiple Opening Presses (2)

  • 1,000 Ton Press

  • CNC 3- and 5-Axis (5)

  • Composite Curing Ovens (4)

  • Automated Ply Cutting

  • Romer Arm

  • Certified Testing Lab

Corporate Overview Video

Sumner Operations
Sumner Operations Facility

Sumner Operations, WA



  • Employees – 334

  • Sq. Ft. – 100,000



  • Non-787 ECS Ducting

  • Complex Laminates

  • Structural and Non-Structural

  • In-and-Out of Autoclave

  • Phenolic/Epoxy/Polyesters

  • BTP & Design-to-Build



  •  Autoclaves up to 7’x26’ (3)

  •  Composite Curing Ovens (8)

  •  Romer Arm (2)

  •  CMM Digital Inspection

  •  CNC Kit-cutting (2)

  •  CMM

Sumner Operations Logo

Orange City Operations–Orange City, IA



  • Employees – 160

  • Sq. Ft. – 100,000



  • Thermoset Manufacturing

  • Thermoplastics Manufacturing

  • Primary & Secondary Structures

  • Assemblies / Integration

  • Non-Destructive-Testing


  • Certified Autoclaves (4)

  • Automated Cutting tables (4)

  • Laser Ply Projectors (6)

  • Hydraulic presses (16)

  • Curing Ovens

  • Large 5-axis bed mills (2)

  • CNC Mills (10)

  • Paint Booths (2)

  • NDI Class 400 Clean Room

  • Thermographic NDT

  • Automated C-scan (2)

Quatro Operations OC
Orange City Operations Facility
Orange City Operations Logo

Orange City Operations Tour Video



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Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County - 2019 Excellent 10 Award

Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County 


Excellent 10 Award

Aerospace Futures Alliance Trophy

Futures Alliance


Aerospace Company of the Year

Spirit Aerosystems 2021 Trophy

Spirit Aerosystems


Success Partner

PNAA 2022 Trophy

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance


Aerospace Company of the Year

History  | AIM Aerospace


For over 30 years SEKISUI Aerospace (Previously AIM Aerospace) has been designing, testing, and manufacturing composite products for the aerospace industry. With complete customer satisfaction as our focus and through the relentless efforts of our skilled employees, SEKISUI Aerospace has achieved and continues to maintain an unequaled level of performance. Our consistent delivery of high quality products demonstrates our intent, integrity, and dedication to our customers and to our reputation as a distinguished manufacturer in the aerospace industry.

Brief History

The Acquisition of Quatro Composites

Founded in 1997, Quatro is a supplier of highly engineered advanced composite structures, components and assemblies to the aerospace industry as well as medical and industrial markets. They supply several of the leading aerospace platforms, including the Boeing 787, Gulfstream G650 and Insitu X300, and Quatro’s largest customers include The Boeing Company, Gulfstream, Insitu and United Technologies. They operate from a Manufacturing Center located in Orange City, Iowa.


On February 2, 2017, AIM Aerospace Acquired Quatro Composites. The combined capabilities of these two successful aerospace companies not only provides AIM Aerospace further customer, platform and geographic diversification but also extends it's capabilities into structural composites and thermoplastics, two of the fastest growing areas within composites.


The insertion of Quatro’s proven design, development and production capabilities, combined with AIM Aerospace's and Quatro’s existing engineering capabilities, will allow the combined company to enter new composite market segments and deliver a new generation of complex products to meet ever increasing customer demand.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group Acquires AIM Aerospace

On June 17th, 2019, AIM Aerospace was sold to SEKISUI Chemical Group. The Sale was officially completed on November 21, 2019 and became SEKISUI Aerospace.

Daniele Cagnatel | AIM Aerospace

Daniele Cagnatel

Daniele joined AIM Aerospace (Now SEKISUI Aerospace) as the new President and CEO in August 2017. Prior to SEKISUI Aerospace, he served in a number of operational roles at GKN Aerospace, most recently as their President and CEO of Aerostructures North America, as well as serving as Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development at GKN Aerospace corporate level. He began his career at GKN International’s Leadership Development Program in 1999 and was appointed to their Aerospace Executive Committee in January 2014. Daniele received a M.A. in Mechanical Engineering with Management and German Language from the University of Nottingham, U.K.

Sekisui Chemical Facility

SEKISUI CHEMICAL is a plastics manufacturer with head offices in Osaka and Tokyo. The company owns a plethora of subsidiaries engaged in a variety of businesses.


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SEKISUI Aerospace Corporation’s Parent Company is SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
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