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For over 30 years, Sekisui Aerospace has leveraged our team’s experience and expertise in developing and delivering products for airlines and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. From certified ultra lightweight structural components to complex innovative systems, Sekisui Aerospace is a leader in aircraft component design and manufacturing.

Splice Straps, Wing Components | AIM Aerospace

Primary Structures

Structures you can rely on.

Sekisui Aerospace has a long track record of manufacturing primary structural aerospace components for the general aviation, commercial aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, and defense markets. Sekisui Aerospace's focus is on build to print structures, fabricated with a variety of manufacturing processes providing exactness in repeatability and targeting the lowest cost processing methods. Sekisui Aerospace engineering team provides design to manufacturing support that has helped our customers save millions of dollars over the life of their programs. Trust is earned as we focus on providing you low cost solutions to meet your products demanding needs. 

  • Splice Straps

  • Wing to Body Fairings

  • Wing Components

  • Horizontal Stabilizer Tip Cap

  • UAV Structures

    • Fuselage Assembly

    • Wings

    • Empennage

    • Nose Assembly

    • Propulsion slice

    • Avionics Enclosure

    • Engine Cowl

    • Tail Boom

    • Leading Edge

Stow Bin Brackets, Composite Panel | AIM Aerospace

Secondary Structures

Every detail counts.

Since our beginning, Sekisui Aerospace has served the aerospace industry by providing a wide variety of composite details and assemblies. Additionally, we have the capabilities and capacity to manufacture these components at high volumes, on time, with reliable, repeatable quality and exceptional customer service. We deliver literally thousands of secondary composite structures using a variety of manufacturing processes to our customer base every single month.  From bladder molding, compression molding and utilizing 50 moving timed layup and assembly lines, Sekisui Aerospace is constantly delivering secondary structures on the highest rate programs at the lowest costs.

  • Stow Bin Brackets

  • Shim Stock and Drill Coupons

  • Composite Panel Assemblies

  • Escape Slide Packboards

  • Floor Panels

Seating Furnature, Closets, Flight Deck Doors | AIM Aerospace
Interior Structures

Sekisui Aerospace delivers innovative and flexible interiors to both commercial airlines and military platforms around the world. For over 30 years Sekisui Aerospace has built low cost interior composite structures and assemblies for the detailed demands of OEM’s, Tier 1’s and direct to airlines. Sekisui Aerospace has delivered front row furniture, cargo panels, business class seat shells and assemblies, separators, closets, lavatories, overhead storage bins and several other product lines to some of the most demanding customers in the world. We have a large team of composite technicians and finishing experts that can take on short term distressed supplier opportunities or long term high rate production programs. When experience, detail finishing and cost matters, few companies have the history of successful program execution as Sekisui Aerospace.

  • Seating Furniture

  • Closet & Dividers

  • BTP Galleys

  • Flight Deck Doors

  • Life Raft Stowage

  • Closets

  • Crushed Core Seat Shells

  • Lavatories

  • Overhead Stowage Bins

  • Crew Rest Modules

  • Video Control Cabinets

  • Sidewalls

  • Cargo Liners

Environmental Control Sytem, ECS Ducting | AIM Aerospace
Environmental Control Systems

As an industry leader in the manufacture of aircraft ducting, we specialize in custom manufactured oven cured composite products. These assemblies include installation of metal or plastic details and application of decorative finishes. Our fabrication process utilizes prepreg carbon fiber, fiberglass or Kevlar®.

  • 737 ECS Ducting

  • 747 ECS Ducting

  • 757 ECS Ducting

  • 767 ECS Ducting

  • 767 Pre-cooler Ducting

  • P8 ECS Ducting

APU Intel and Exhaust Systems,Exhaust Ducting | AIM Aerospace
APU Inlet and Exhaust Systems

Sekisui Aerospace designs and manufactures high performance inlet and exhaust systems for aircraft applications. Our range of products include Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) inlets and exhaust ducts, and ECS ducting.

  • 737 APU Inlet Duct

  • 737 Exhaust Ducting

  • 767 Ram Air Exhaust Ducting

  • 787 Exhaust Ducting

Fan Cowl Components, Engne Chines | AIM Aerospace
Fan Cowl Components

To meet these market demands, Sekisui Aerospace has invested significantly in both thermoset as well as thermoplastic material and process technologies, including continuous fiber as well as discontinuous fiber architectures. Through the use of smart automation and operational excellence, Sekisui Aerospace is able to provide its customers with complex parts and assemblies while maintaining gold-standard quality and delivery performance.

  • Fan Blade Spacers, platforms

  • Acoustic Liners

  • Trench Fillers

  • Brackets, Bushings, Fittings, Valves, & Clips

  • Outlet Guide Vanes

  • Variable Bleed Valve Ducting

  • Fan Nose Spinners

Nacelles, Thermoplastic gear boxes | AIM Aerospace

As fuel prices have driven higher bypass ratios and bigger fan sections, the demand for light weight composite engine components has become a necessity. Alongside this demand, the global market has driven the simultaneous requirement for low cost. Through the implementation of automation, lean manufacturing, and advanced process technologies, Sekisui Aerospace has met these market demands by implementing thermoplastic and thermoset composite processes for both static and dynamic components.

  • Thermoplastic blocker doors

  • Long fiber thermoplastic brackets, clips and fittings

  • Engine Chines / Strakes

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